It is with gratitude that we were given a generous victory in the 2nd round delegate vote during the Weber County Republican convention. Most of the people elected at your neighborhood precinct meetings voted for me because they know who I HAVE BEEN all my life. They did their homework, attended meetings, sent emails, made telephone calls, and then overwhelmingly supported us in both the first and second rounds of voting at the convention. 

I whole heartedly support the Utah Republican Party Platform. I'm conservative minded with Family Values at the core.

I am endorsed by all Weber County Utah House of Representatives; Justin Fawson (#7), Gage Froerer (#8), Jeremy Petersen (#9), Dixon Pitcher (#10), Brad Dee (#11), Kelly Miles (#11-elect) and Mike Schultz (#12).

Additionally I am proud to be supported by Utah Senators; Scott Jenkins, Greg Buxton (elect) and Allen Christensen.

I am specifically grateful to Rep. Brad Dee for his years of public service and for his unconditional endorsement. As the second highest vote recipient at the convention, we are grateful that Rep. Dee asked all of his supporters to now support us as the next Weber County Commissioner.

I'm a proud participant and supporter of: Children's Justice Center, GOAL Foundation, Catholic Community Services, LDS charities, YCC, Weber School District Foundation, Pioneer Days, just to mention a few.

I am a honest problem solving, positive outcome communicator. Many know of my integrity and experience surrounding the growth of business in both the public and private sector.

My strength is bringing a business mind to the community. My experience is not political based...It's BUSINESS based…

I will support the man who earns his living by using his HEAD and not ignore a man who earns his living by using his BACK.

I will support small business and also “Big Business” because they bring the most tax into the community and that helps keep property tax low.

I will grow business in Weber County but not on the back of the taxpayers. I’ve got a proven record of taking care of what we have because its less expensive than paying a huge amount later. In managing government funds it's one thing to save money but it's even a better thing to generate taxable income without raising taxes. That's what I have done ! 

I've been the Golden Spike Event Center General Manager for 23 years; successfully managing a no expenditure increase budget while producing great revenue including befriending, signing contracts with, and bringing in National groups of various interest. This has resulted in 100+ million dollars in economic growth and revenue for Weber County businesses, while growing the number of events coming into Golden Spike from 100+ to over 280+ annually.

Prior to that I spent ten years managing employees at Morris Travel Corp. starting with $0.85M in annual sales and growing that revenue to over $18M annually.

My VOLUNTEER SERVICE includes: Weber State Alumni Board, Ogden Rotary Club, Exchange Club of Ogden, Ogden Weber Chamber and Spikers, Boy Scouts of America Executive Committee, Weber County School District community council, Weber County Republican Delegate (22 years), Utah State Republican Delegate (4 years), USO/DOD United States entertainment representative to Germany.

I graduated from Weber County Schools and later from Weber State University with a bachelor's degree in Communications, Sociology and Technical Sales.

Because I've not participated in formal politics before, I will continue to offer a FRESH and INNOVATIVE PERSPECTIVE for Weber County citizens.

I am asking for your support as THE Republican candidate for Weber County Commissioner.


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Thank you again for visiting my web-page.

Allow me to introduce myself to you. I grew up in Riverdale and attended Weber County Schools graduating from Bonneville High School. In 1981 my talents earned me the privilege of serving the US military in Germany as an USO/DOD entertainer. I later served an LDS mission in Hawaii. In 1986 I graduated from Weber State University with a B.I.S. in Communication, Sociology, and Technical Sales.

My incredible wife Jane and I just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We have five grown children and one grandchild. I'm elated to admit that we are a close family and enjoy one another's company. I'm also proud to include that last year Jane graduated from Weber State with a bachelors in health promotions.

Following a 10+ year career in travel where I grew and managed what started as a 0.85 million dollar budget, to an 18 million dollar annual budget, I was hired in 1994 by Weber County to Manage the Golden Spike Event Center (GSEC). I've been there ever since and have worked under the direction of several past county commissioners. Since 1994 we grew from 100 events to 280+ events currently. We have enjoyed thousands of successes that have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the local Weber County economy.

I enjoy my work at the GSEC very much. We have an incredible seasoned team that are professional and efficient. Our facilities are branded as some of the finest of their kind in the country. In fact, this year we have more events on the books than we have ever had since the facility opened. We have made many friends locally, regionally, and even nationally. We are a trusted economic anchor for this community. Part of the reason I am seeking a seat on the Weber County Commission is to expand my circle of influence beyond the 150 acre GSEC to include the entire Weber County community.

I believe in a management style that empowers people to grow and improve; so much so that they could eventually lead on their own. This builds trust and improves performance and efficiency in them. They also enjoy a higher job satisfaction.

Even before filing, I've focused on the 18-28 year old demographic. This is how we perpetuate our interest in the community. Many of them are not registered to vote. My site encourages this and there is a tab to make this process easier. Our community has also become dependent on the Hispanic community. I embrace that and encourage them to become registered voters and vote their conscience.

I've spent my career building relationships with people. I love trusting them and learning about them. I'm a GREAT in person communicator and have successfully surrounded myself with terrific people. I can negotiate with others without offending them. We are proud to confirm that we have the support of many of the business in the area. This includes both workers and elected officials of many municipalities.

I believe in Libraries, education and economic growth but also recognize that healthy communication and trust is vital to both of those issues.

I've been registered as a Republican for over 23 years of which 16 years have been spent as a precinct chairperson. I believe our form of government is good and I'm interested in enhancing the leadership style.

I am endorsed by all Weber County Utah House of Representatives; Justin Fawson (#7), Gage Froerer (#8), Jeremy Petersen (#9), Dixon Pitcher (#10), Brad Dee (#11), Kelly Miles (#11-elect) and Mike Schultz (#12). Additionally I am proud to be supported by Utah Senators; Scott Jenkins, Greg Buxton (elect) and Allen Christensen.

I want to be the next County Commissioner because I LOVE where we live, where I grew up and where I hope to help make a place where my family will want to raise their children. To do this it has to have opportunity, a safe feeling, and a healthy place to grow.

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